What Does Robots.Txt Do?

Perhaps the most common query that we get from people that are just starting to take their first timid steps in the pursuit of search engine optimization has to do with robots.txt. That actually makes a lot of sense if you think about it, since robots.txt is a relatively technical aspect of SEO that most regular folk would have a hard time making heads or tails have. That said, you should have no fear for we are here to give you all of the details that your mind is craving, and you can use this information to take your SEO to a whole new plane of existence at the end of the day.

types of social media adsThe basic premise that a robots txt file operates under is that web crawlers don’t need to access all of your URLs. This might seem like a good thing if you are myopic, but suffice it to say that it can result in a situation wherein your website would get inundated with requests that would be far too numerous for you to effectively clear up. Using a robots.txt file in the root of your site can tell web crawlers which URLs they can access, and they will only index the pages that are mentioned in this core file.

That means that some of your webpages would be restricted from getting indexed on Google, and that can be a good thing because many of these pages are just not essential from a marketing point of view. Everyone should at the very least consider using a robots.txt file because it really levels up their SEO potential and gives them a lot of new options to try and play around with.