What Cleaning Products Can I Use on Wool Carpet

Not all carpets will be the flattened out fibrous surfaces that so many in this part of the world are used to. Some carpets are designed to offer maximum comfort, enough that you can even get a good night’s sleep on them if that is what you truly desire once all has been said and is now out of the way. Woolen carpets are highly popular among those that prefer the most comfortable options that are available to them, and they can do a lot to help you keep your house warmer than might have been the case otherwise to boot.

carpet cleaning and repairThe reason behind this is that wool naturally attracts and contains warmth, but that’s not the only thing that it might attract and withhold. Wool can also get extremely dirty at a startlingly fast pace, and only the best carpet cleaning will able to restore it to how glorious it looked shortly prior to this occurrence. You need to use a specific kind of cleaning product on a wool carpet otherwise it might shrink. Steam cleaning is highly efficacious here, but you might also need to use some soapy materials although the ones you would be using here would be quite different because they are specifically made for wool and nothing else.

If you can’t buy a wool oriented cleaning fluid, you can get by just fine with other cleaning products such as some dishwashing soap as well. Just mix a bit of dishwashing liquid into some warm water and start scrubbing away. It won’t be long until you are done, and you can steam clean to get rid of the sticky residue and dirt.