The Development Process

We break the process up into logical steps. You can choose to finance your website with our zero-interest financing or pay as each step is completed.

Step 1. Research and Planning

Before we begin the website design process, it is important that we understand what makes your company better than the competition and what you want to accomplish with your website.

While one website can accomplish many goals, each page on your website can only accomplish one goal. We help you determine which goals you want to focus on with your website, setting realistic expectations for performance, and the design components needed to get the job done.

Step 2. Graphic Design

Once we know what pages will be required and what they are designed to do, we hand that information to our graphic designers.

Some of our clients have a detailed idea of what they want their website to look like and others ask our designers to develop a look and feel for them.

We will ask questions like what colors your customers will respond to, if you have a logo, and if you have any ideas to get the process started.

Once we have that information, our designers will develop a unique template for your website. At each step along the way we will present a design proposal, ask for your feedback, tweak it and ask again. You get unlimited revisions until you approve the final design.

Step 3. Coding

Once we have a graphic design approved, that design goes to our coders where it is transformed into a functional website.

We will create pages and insert the text, images, and video that you supply or ask us to create. We organize and optimize the content to give you the best possible chances of achieving a high search engine ranking.

Step 4. Launch

Once you have approved the final website, we will “launch” the website on the Internet. This means your clients, customers, friends and family (and more importantly Google) can begin to view and rank your content.

We also do a few things to make sure your website gets the attention it deserves.

We pay to have your website featured on a top local radio station
We brag about you in our portfolio
We post links to your new website to help drive traffic
Depending on your goals, the level of local competition and the content of your website this may be enough to get you the search engine ranking you are looking for.

While no one can guarantee you a position in a search engine (anyone who does is a danger to your website) we can perform additional services if needed to help elevate your position so when people search for the key words you targeted they find your website.