Which is Better to Remove Pet Odor From Carpet – Chemical Dry or Steam Cleaning?

Pet ownership is a practice that human beings have been engaged in for thousands of years now. The oldest animals that were first domesticated were probably wolves who we eventually bred into the dogs that we see in our modern day and age. There are a lot of benefits to owning a pet, since suffice it to say that they can give you quite a bit of support that you may not have otherwise gotten the chance to obtain. You will feel happier if you have a pet running around at home, regardless of what animal breed that pet belongs to, but it also comes with its fair share of responsibilities at the end of the day.

carpet cleaning and pest controlWe all need to come to terms with how pets can make our carpets smell bad due to the reason that their fur can accumulate a lot of odor creating bacteria when wet. Since it is more or less impossible to stop your pet from rubbing itself all along the rug, you might be better off trying to figure out which form of carpet cleaning near me is best suited to removing the odor that they might have left behind.

There are two techniques that you can use here, with the first one being chemical dry cleaning and the other being steam cleaning. While dry cleaning can be useful enough, it falls well short of steam cleaning because it only tackles the surface fibers whilst leaving the deeper fibers just as they were. Steam cleaning is a much more thorough method which is why it gets rid of bad smells in a much more efficient way.