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Getting Ahead of The SEO Game

SEO is based on a never ending loop; in order for a page to get a higher rank in a search result, it needs to have plenty of backlinks, and in order to get more backlinks, a page needs to have a higher ranking. The gist of SEO is that it helps make credible and useful content more visible on the internet, and it does such a good job at this that most of us never even have to load the second page of our search results.

Whenever someone searches for something on Google, they all get to see the same top ranked articles. Meaning that whenever someone decides to gather information about a certain topic and use it in their own content, they end up citing the same handful of pages. This lets content creators get information from credible and reliable sources, while these high ranking pages continue to get more and more backlinks, making them even more credible and higher ranking than before.

While this method of determining a page’s ranking is great for content that has been on the internet for a while now, it can be rather unfair for newer sources since they will not have enough backlinks to out-rank and already existing source. This endless loop of getting higher rankings to get more backlinks can be vicious and unfair as well, a recent study on the topic showed that the theory on which SEO works can be true and untrue at the same time.

The study looked at more than 10,000 SEO keywords while conducting its research. Thorough analysis revealed that content with higher rankings had an easier time getting backlinks, however, getting backlinks at a faster pace did not necessarily result in a page’s ranking increasing. According to the study, a direct correlation between these two variables did not necessarily result in causation.

The results of this study make it obvious that backlinks are not the magic ingredient in becoming a higher ranking page, there are a number of other factors involved as well. If you do a bit of research, you can find plenty of examples of smaller pages that manage to climb the Google ranking ladder. How do they manage that? Simply by providing qualitative content, content that automatically draws in more traffic. Digital marketing experts have stated that backlinks and the right number of keywords are not what determine your page’s ranking, it is content quality that really makes the difference.

A majority of the highest ranking pages on Google offer content that is quality focused. However, this leads to another question; what standards determine the quality of your content? Many people talk about quality content without even knowing how to assess their level of quality.

The best way to assess the quality of a webpage is by focusing on one key factor; dwell time. When a visitor stays on your page for longer, it is because they found what they were looking for and they had a nice time interacting with your website. Meaning that if you want to improve the quality of your page, you should begin focusing more on content quality and website quality. This is where you can take help from digital marketing experts who can assist you in designing and implementing websites with the aim of maximizing visitor dwell time.

You could go to any credible NJ SEO Company and discuss your requirements with them. The best SEO companies realize that backlinks and keywords are older metrics now, while they still matter, they are no longer play a primary role in determining the relevancy of a website on the internet. So keep in mind that you should focus on creating websites and content that makes people want to stay and explore, once you manage to do this, your SEO related challenges will begin to sort out on their own.